Story Submission

Anyone who wish to submit an article, a personal account, review or picture ( you have to own the rights to it ) you can submit your content to be published at our sites ParanormalStudy & JinnStudy by filling up the Story Submission form below.
( Don't send an article/personal story written by someone else using your name!! Please Respect Copyright )


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Submission Guidelines :
1. Try and keep the word count somewhere in the 500 - 750 word range.Anything longer will be broken into parts.
2. Please spell check. Do try to spell check before hitting the "Submit" button.
3. Your article/story will be credited to you but if you wish to remain anonymous,do let us know in advance.
4. Stories will be published regularly. However it probably won't be published on the same day of submission unless on a special ( urgent ) occasion.
5. No adult language or sexual content. Keep it clean.
6. Last but not the least and very important keep your story content related to the Paranormal.